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My Very Important Job

by Danielle Greuter



I have this job that’s
very important you see,
To bring helpless dogs
home to stay with me.
My job starts quickly
once they step off that bus.
Trying to help them understand
They really can trust us.
Reassuring them during
the whole ride home.
To help them understand
they will never again feel alone.
Out of the car, walking them
up to the front door.
All the while convincing them,
they will hurt no more.

Letting them go in
and walk all around.
Smelling things other
than a cold, hard ground.
Showing them the yard
to go and roam free.
Something a lot different then
spending days tied to a tree.
Watching as they begin
to jump and run,
seeing their faces light up
realizing it’s so much fun.
Some are weak and get
tired really fast,
others have a lot of energy
that can really, really last.
The first night can be
a little tough,
as these poor babies tummies
can feel a bit rough.









Some are so nervous
they even start to pace.
I just keep giving them love
with a smile on my face.
Each day that goes by,
I see them understand my voice.
They begin to realize in their new life,
they have a choice.
A choice to just relax and
take time to adjust,
to how great their new life is
now there is no mistrust.
A true gift to be able to
experience and see,
what a true blessing
these souls can be.
After everything they have gone through
looking the end in the face,
they are able to gain their pride
and stand to walk full of grace.
Changing every day as they begin
to understand and learn,
my heart fills with joy knowing their trust
I have now come to earn.
Suddenly they begin to blossom,
coming into their own.
As they come to know this house
as a loving, safe zone.
Then, the message comes,
what would a good time be?
There is a family that is interested
and would like to come see.
I try and prepare reminding myself,
this is what has to be done.
Saying good-bye is just a part
of helping another one.




I get to see the family meet the dog
that will steal their heart.
All while fighting back the lump in my throat
and totally falling apart.
I bend over and hug them tight,
whispering in their ear;
go and live the life you deserve
with out any fear.
For you are special, more than words
could ever express.
I give them a kiss on their head and
then one final caress.
I don’t take my eyes off the car,
as I watch them pull away.
My job is not done though
soon there will be another on their way.